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Chia Seeds
Price : $3.10
Member Price: $2.79

Instant Oats
Price : $3.90
Member Price: $3.51

Thai Hom Mali Rice
Price : $2.20
Member Price: $1.98

Shop Sustainably Online With Willow

Willow is Singapore’s first marketplace that lets you shop online guilt free. With a circular supply chain, we offer you an easy, zero waste alternative to get your daily essentials. Willow stocks a wide selection of products, including nuts, confectionaries, sundries, and sustainable skincare items that you can purchase 24/7. Have them delivered to your doorstep and let us take care of reducing your carbon footprint.

Start Your Zero Waste Journey

We understand living sustainably can be intimidating when you are new. Offering reduced to zero packaging, let Willow make it easier for you to reduce your waste while shopping.

Support Local Businesses On Willow

We pride ourselves on partnering with local small businesses, especially sustainability focused shops, to bring you our selection of products. By providing a closed loop circular logistical support to these businesses, providing them a viable yet sustainable option of running their enterprise.

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