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Vibez Bistro Bar, River Valley: Modern spin on Thai food and a great bar to boot

Vibez Bistro Bar, River Valley: Modern spin on Thai food and a great bar to boot

cafe interior

Vibez sports what they term ‘industrial chic’ décor. It is sparse and elemental, completely devoid of bright, distracting colours. The walls are (sparingly) punctuated by fittings and works of art, both in the minimalist style. This chilled-out, back-to-basics setting is perfect if you need a place to kick back after the bustle of the office.

vibez exterior

Modern Thai made healthy’ is how Vibez advertises itself but that description hardly scrapes the surface of this ambitious dine-and-drink destination. The core is certainly Thai fusion given its takes on ravioli and ceviche but the menu features vegan, vegetarian, and Indian fusion dishes, too.

vibez bar

You can also trot over to the bar for a curated list of fine liquors, wines, and original cocktails. Take your pick from dozens of non-alcoholic drinks, including teas, coffees, and lassis (smoothies).



The ever-popular Summerfizz (S$9.30) range is available in Strawberry mint or Thai basil mint flavours.

Vibez is avowedly pro-Earth and their menu embodies the philosophy that food nourishes both body and soul. That is evident from the emphasis on healthy choices such as plant-based meals and Keto options. You can also see it in the inclusion of fresh ingredients, carefully sourced to reduce the process’s carbon footprint.

wall menu

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Kit Chan

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